Pinterest Marketing + Management for Business



I'm going to level with you here..

The most amazing, engaging, kick ass social media marketing in the world won't make one bit of difference if your website hasn't been updated since 2001.

Your website is where you are going to convert all those curious social media fans into brand ambassadors and customers.

You can pay someone a whole bunch to build you a website on a Wordpress template or other completely custom website builder (which will get all wonky as soon as a plugin updates - costing you time and money to have your web-person fix it).


You can have me build you a semi-custom, always functioning website on the Squarespace platform.

Why don’t I actively promote my website design services?

Because I love tinkering, playing, creating with Squarespace design - and I’ve found that when it becomes a “job” it’s not as fun.

I take select referral clients for website work, but it’s something I love doing so much I don’t want to ruin it.

Know what I mean?